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Fence extensions

Fence Extensions Perth

Fence extensions are our specialty! Most houses need extra privacy on the fence line; we make them in a horizontal long lasting aluminium slat. They can be built to go on top of an existing fence or put on posts in front of your fence. We can attach to nearly all styles of fence from fibro, colourbond and pinelap timber.

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Perth Fence Extensions Specialist

Fence extensions can provide you with additional height on your fence and additional security. This is a cost-effective and practical way to add value and efficacy to your security and privacy. These additions can be made to all types of fences, including lattice fences, as well as to fences of all materials, including wood, aluminum, plastic and so forth. Extensions to your existing fence can strengthen the existing fence and also helps reduce the line of sight for those who might have prying eyes.

So, if a fence extension is what you’re looking for, Perth Screening Solutions can provide you with their skill and knowledge to provide you with a quality fence extension in Perth. No fence style is beyond the experience and expertise of Perth Screening Solutions, who have over 18 years of experience dealing with horizontal aluminum fence extensions, plastic on Colourbond fence, or anything else you can dream up. Contact Perth Screening Solutions for more information today!

Here are some examples of our Fence Extentions